Pentagon: US Seals seize rule over rogue of Libya oil ship

WASHINGTON: Us Seals control over a North Korea-flagged tanker it was loaded with crude oil at a port clasped by rebels in eastern Libya.


When United States of America forces- nobody was injured, at the appeal of each the Libyan and Cypriot governments, took management of the industrial tanker vine, a unsettled vessel condemned earlier this month by 3 armed Libyans,” Pentagon Press Secretary flag officer John Kirby aforesaid in a very statement. The operation was accepted by President Barack Obama and was managed simply once 0200 time weekday “in water southeast of Cyprus”.

The ship was managed by associate degree Egypt-based Company that was permitted to briefly use the North Korean flag beneath a contract with capital of North Korea, North Korean state news organization KCNA aforesaid on Wednesday.

Pyongyang had “left out and deleted” the ship’s North Korean written record, because it profaned its law “on the written record of ships and therefore the contract that forbidden from transporting contraband cargo”. Thus, the ship has paid no attention” with the D.P.R.K., that “has no authority whatever as regards the ship,” KCNA aforesaid.


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