PESHAWAR: Peshawar stadium blast, Four killed, five wounded.

Four people were killed and at least five others wounded in an explosion in Peshawar’s local football stadium.


According to initial accounts, the attack took place in a football stadium located on Dalazak Road. The explosion partially damaged a nearby mosque.
The nature of the fire could not be confirmed immediately as members of the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) were gathering evidence from the site which was littered with bloody body parts.

Constabulary said the target of the eruption is not well-defined. Rescue teams arrived at the scene where several people were found wounded.

Officials said nine people were shifted to city’s Lady Reading Hospital, three of them yielded to their injuries. Police said the target of the eruption is not well-defined.

The arena is situated in the main Peshawar city close to Parade Bagh, Shahi Bagh, Fruit Market and a government-run college.


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