Rassoul uplifted as Karzai’s brother way out Afghan election

KABUL: The brother of President Hamid Karzai born out of Afghanistan’s election on Thursday and supported one-time secretary of state Zalmai Rassoul, associate degree statement seen as signaling this leader’s most popular inheritor.
The first major proceed within the election campaign before day on Gregorian calendar month five called as a North American nation air strike within the east of the country accidentally cause the death 5 Afghan troopers.
Relations between the North American nation and Afghanistan became acutely worn as world organization combat armed forces get ready to withdraw by the tip of this year, and also the latest “friendly fire” incidents about to worsen ties earlier than the election.
“The post is completely destructed,” he added.


“The Americans accustomed be therein post however since they left, the ANA (Afghan army) took over.”
Nato’s International Security help Force (ISAF) emanated an announcement asserting that a minimum of 5 Afghan troopers had been killed by accident.

“An investigation is being controlled at this point to work out the circumstances that semiconductor diode to the current unfortunate incident,” it said.
“Our condolences depart to the families of the ANA troopers World Health Organization lost their lives and were injured… we are going to verify what actions are taken to confirm eventuality like this don’t happen once more.”

The world organization Nato in Afghanistan ends in December, the tiny low variety people troops might remain for coaching and counter-terrorism operations if a long-delayed security deal is signed with Washington.
Electing on April five is probably going to be walked behind by a run-off election in late might between the 2 controlling applicant, with a brand new president ultimately being selected in June or July.


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