SAN FRANCISCO: Outlook email messages in transit to thwart spying

Microsoft on Tuesday said it is scrambling Outlook email messages in transit to thwart spying by governments or others.


Toughened encryption in Outlook and Microsoft One Drive online “cloud” data storage service came less than a month later the technology titan got low grades in a Google ranking of such defenses against online snooping.

“We are in the midst of a comprehensive engineering effort to strengthen encryption across our networks and services,” Microsoft vice president of trustworthy computing security Matt Thomlinson said in a web log spot.

“This effort also helps us reinforce that governments use appropriate legal processes, not technical brute force, if they want access to that data.”

US Internet firms are eager to fend off privacy concerns raised by US online spying tactics exposed by former intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden, who has taken sanctuary in Russia.

Microsoft also announced the opening of a transparent center at its Redmond, Washington, headquarters, where governments can determine the integrity of its software.

Google in June stepped up its effort to make it tougher for spies or anyone else to snoop on email, unveiling Chrome browser software for scrambling digital messages.

A trial version of a software instrument called “End-to-End” was released so Internet engineers can dabble with making mini-programs that plug into Chrome browser and encrypt Gmail messages in ways that shield them from the eyes of everyone except senders and receivers.

In a move that puts pressure other services, Google broke down how much message traffic received from them was inscribed.


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