Sikh leader Amarjeet Singh seeks help from Pakistan against India

LAHORE: The re-emerging of Khalistan movement has added to the miseries of Modi’s government.


Prominent Sikh leader Amarjit Singh has asked Pakistan for diplomatic assistance against India.

In a recent statement, the Sikh leader was of the opinion that Indian allegations against Pakistan over Uri attack were totally baseless. He also said that India had made it a habit to kill innocent civilians.

The worries for India have started to multiply as Khalistan Movement re-emerges again. India was already annoyed with the situation in Kashmir and now the recent statement from the prominent Sikh leader is adding fuel to the fire.

Amarjit Singh told that with the help of Pakistan, Sikh community could make Khalistan a separate state to get rid of Indian state terrorism.

“If the freedom struggle inside Kashmir is already on its peak, why would Pakistan get involved with this kind of attack,” he said.

According to Amarjit, Indian government was involved in heavy massacres carried out against Sikh community in the past. He revealed that the killing of Sikhs on Bill Clinton’s visit and over Indra Gandhi’s assassination were all carried out by India.


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