South Korean found the consistency of the deserter business tycoon

SEOUL: On Tuesday, South Korean police stated they had found the consistency of the deserter business tycoon who led the family operating the Seoul ferry which sank in April with the loss of approximately 300 lives.


Yoo Byung-Eun had been the object of an unprecedented, months-long manhunt demanding tens of thousands of police officers and army troops who put up checkpoints along roads and at ports, and raided a number of properties tied to the reclusive billionaire.

Later, the body recognized as Yoo’s was actually found almost half dozen weeks ago on June 12, lying in a field just outside the city of in Suncheon, 300 kms south of Seoul. Identified by a local resident, the consistency was so badly decomposed as to be unrecognizable, and it was just after a DNA test that the match with Yoo was made.

Chief of Suncheon police Woo Hyung-Ho spoke to reported that the consistency was too smashed up to learn the cause of destruction, although several empty bottles of alcohol were found at the place.


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