Turn- based, steam- and magic-powered combat leaves the table top, for your desktop.

If you wish your fantasy with a tactile sensation of steam and steel, then Warmachine – in any incarnation – might simply be the perfect game for you.


Warmachine is a tabletop wargame in the cast of the popular Warhammer games, merely with a decided Steampunk flavor. Giant Steamjacks stride across battlefields while Warcasters control their institutions and cast numerous fell magics.

It’s a low-model-count game of pretty serious tactics. And now, it’s on PC and Mac, as well.

The Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter campaign was a phenomenal success, and bakers have been relishing the fruits of their charity since last month.

But now anyone can join in, thanks to the game showing up today on Steam’s Early Access program. It’s a bit costly – the game is $US64. 95 – And gets you just a single stage of the single player, and one map for multiplayer. The price, however, acts include all updates and the full game upon release, plus 20 extra units for your armies.


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