US Congress committee recommends to end Pakistan aid

WASHINGTON: Sub-committee of the United States Congress on Foreign Affairs has recommended to cut all the aid being given to Pakistan, reported Wednesday.


According to the committee’s chief, Matthew Salmon, all kinds of aids that Pakistan is entertained with by the United States must be stopped if it does not changes its policy to ‘favour’ extremists.

He alleged that Pakistan was not targeting terrorists that plan attacks in other countries.

On the other hand, spokesperson of the Pakistani embassy in Washington has stated that United States and Pakistan are ‘friends’ and have common goals in war on terror.

He further said that leadership of both the countries have acknowledged sacrifices rendered in war on terror by each other.

Earlier in April, United States Congress committee had interrupted financial aid worth USD 430 million to Pakistan putting sale of eight F-16 fighter jets on the line.

Department of State stated to a British journal that Obama government is in favour of supplying F-16s to Pakistan but US aid would not be used for the purpose.

However, the deal did not go through and the Obama government could not wiggle out of restraints of different sections on the sale.


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