Woman puts newborn in shoebox, stores it in closet

A woman in Pennsylvania has been charged with concealing the death of her child after she gave birth to her baby at a home and put it in a shoebox.


Kelsey Martin, of Springettsbury Township put her unresponsive baby in a shoebox, after which she stored it in a closet upstairs in her home.

She told police she had no clue that she was pregnant before she gave birth to a baby at home, which her lawyer termed as ‘horrible but explainable.’

According to the police, the 21-year-old visited a hospital with abdominal pains in April last year, but she was told she has a urinary tract infection and was prescribed antibiotics. Later, she was taken to a hospital where doctors discovered she had given birth.

Martin told police the baby wasn’t breathing so she placed it in the shoebox and stored it away. An autopsy failed to reveal if the child was born alive.

It however remains unclear why the charges came eight months after the birth.


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